Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Benefits of Interactive Learning

One of the essential things that traditional training practice lacks is interactive learning. In traditional training, the trainer talks about the new strategies & developments and the way employees need to work in order to fulfill organizational goals on time. The employees are given tests and assignments to check if they have understood the training module properly. Later, evaluation of these assignments is done and results are shown to the trainees. The process is lengthy and learning outcome is less. Moreover, it hampers the productivity of the employees, as they need to take a break from their work in order to attend the training session.
The fact that internet has replaced conventional ways of operations in an organization cannot be overlooked. In the similar way internet has transformed the training process into a collaborative and interactive session. In interactive learning, the participants exchange views and ideas, which helps them to understand the concepts easily. The web based learning methodology is not time bound and is beyond geographical barriers. An employee seated in a remote location can be trained simultaneously with the employees seated in the conference room. Additionally, interactive tools like audio-visuals, graphics, and games have added the fun element into boring training session.
In order to make the learning process interactive, the service providers of online training modules have integrated these with social networking sites, games and mobile applications. The mobile learning is a boon for the on-the-go trainees. With the increasing popularity of smart phones, the reach and scope of learning has taken a leap forward. For mobiles, content development is done in such a manner that it can be accessed with different mobile platforms RIM, windows and android. Rich multimedia, effective audio-visuals and graphics enhance the user engagement and impart effective training. The popularity of mobile applications has drawn many organizations to develop mobile compatible e-learning programs.
Another type of learning is via games popularly known as game based learning. This type of learning is widely used in induction training, sales training, soft skills training and products & services training. In game based learning, the learning content is integrated with games, which could be single or multiplayer. With each passing level, the trainee learns a new thing, which is a part of the training process. The game based learning does not only relate to games, it could be story telling or situational games as well. One can access the game based training content with the mobiles as well.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Online Seminary Degree: 6 Fantastic Reasons To Get Yours, Plus 1 Secret

If you've ever considered an online seminary degree, now is surely the time to get it done. The opportunity in the world today, with the signs you see all around you, means the Word you learn will benefit all.
I have compiled several reasons why now is one the best times ever to have an online seminary degree below. Take a look and see what you think.
Reasons to Get Your Seminary Degree
1. The Future is Coming Fast
If you read the news - and I'm not saying it's any fun - you know many of the end times events are approaching or already here. These events will continue day by day.
If you have the inclination to prepare a people for those events, then you can have tremendous effect. Many people today just don't know where to turn for sound advice. They don't have a guide in their life to help them make good choices. You can help.
2. The Moral Majority that Sometimes Isn't
I'm sure I'm not the only one who recognizes that morality has changed. The morals taught today do not match those taught 100 or even 25 years ago.
Right now, today, you have an opportunity to witness to the good morals of the Word - you just need to obtain that word such as from a good school that will help you prepare to teach.
3. The Word Needs to be Spread
I am always pleasantly surprised when I go to a church lobby and see where all the missionaries are ministering throughout the world. What a wonderful work, helping others to find salvation.
An online seminary degree can provide you with the skills to run that kind of ministry, and to begin to help those less fortunate wherever they are. See the world as a missionary.
4. Where Can We Turn
You know, I learned a long time ago a little aphorism you might appreciate:
Pray as if everything depends on God,
But act as if everything depends on you!
It's a bit strong, but you can see that if you can make things better, you should do what you can. That's a good reason to finish your education.
5. Every Hour, Every Day, It Is The Right Time
Okay, I like Stephen Curtis Chapman. I borrowed a line from his song because he is right! And that applies to your degree as well for at least two reasons:
- The world needs good teachers, preachers, and ministers to help lift up people, and teach people how they ought to be living
- With an online seminary degree, you can study whenever you need to. You aren't boxed into the old method of a set time and place.
6. The Problem with Money
Perhaps you have a tight budget. Maybe you don't have the money right now for tuition. I can relate. I didn't have the money for a Master's degree when I went back to school. Instead, I applied for scholarships, and also used some student loans.
I suggest you look into what financial aid you can get towards your seminary tuition. If you go to a college that doesn't charge a huge amount, you should be all right.
The Secret
When I went back to college, I was 35. I didn't finish until I was 38. But do you know how old I would have been if I hadn't gone?
Of course, that's a trick question - I would have been the same age, because time doesn't wait. It will pass you by no matter what.
Going back to school just isn't that hard if you really want that online seminary degree. You can study at home, for example. Class by class, you'll finish that degree.
Go ahead and use your time now to get your degree online, and check out my resources for getting that degree.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Custom E-Learning Solutions for Different Companies

The world is developing fast and one needs to keep up with its pace, in order to stay ahead in the competition. Training is therefore considered to be an inseparable part of an organization. It helps in imparting knowledge to the employees so that they are able to generate better output. However, it is important that the training is conducted timely. The conventional training method requires a lot of preparation such as making a paper presentation, questionnaires, tests and assignment. The evaluation is done manually, which consumes a lot of time of the trainers and trainees both. With the emergence of e-learning solutions, the organizations can breathe a sigh of relief. The learning management system is one tool, which helps in imparting knowledge to the employees, maintains record of the trainees, and generates report, simultaneously.
One of the biggest advantages of learning management system is custom e learning. It is believed that unless the content speaks to the learner, the objective of training will not be fulfilled. The e-learning module is developed in such a manner that it not only benefits the employee but also helps in achieving the ultimate goal of the organization. As the operations of different organizations differ from each other, the learning content also varies. Obviously, a training module of banking and finance will be useless for a company, which is indulged in IT & software. The training module for each organization is specific; therefore, the employees can relate and benefit from it.
Social learning, mobile learning and game based learning are popular these days. These are beyond geographical and time barriers and give the freedom to the trainee to access the training material anytime, anywhere. In game based learning, the training module is integrated with the game and by each passing level, the trainee is able to learn something. Most of the e-learning service providers are developing mobile specific training content, which has further enhanced the opportunity of learning. The mobile-based training content is accessible via different platforms such as windows, RIM and android. Additionally, with the help of social networking websites, the trainee select the module from the catalogs and can share it with friends, if he likes it.
The learning management system is continuously developing and the service providers are coming up with new solutions everyday. This system is cost-effective and can be tailored according to the specific requirements of the clients. For the organizations, which do not want to incur large investments in LMS, SaaS or software as a service is a feasible solution. In addition to this, to save on costs the organizations can outsource their project to an off shoring company.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Reach and Utility of E Learning Management System

The learning management system or web based training system works at the enterprise level, which streamlines the learning into the traditional training process of the organization. It is a potent tool that not only helps in learning but also automates the entire learning process by transforming the manual evaluation system into a web-based system. The system automatically schedules, plans and generates the training report.
In this system, the user can access the training material from his smart phone, personal computer and tablet. Thus, the process is no longer time bound and the final output is much better as compared to the traditional training method. A lot of small firms, which earlier hesitated to adopt the learning management system due to cost, have now, availed the software as a service. By opting for SaaS, organizations can leave the burden of maintenance and update of the software to the service provider.
Apart from LMS being flexible, there are several other benefits associated with it. The training material is industry specific and has been developed after thorough analysis of the organization's operations. Moreover, the availability of training module in different languages has enhanced its reach. Tools like audio localization, rapid authoring has made web LMS more impactful. The training module can be modified as per the changing market scenario and can be easily merged into the on-going process. For certain specific spheres, instructor lead learning is important and e learning service providers understand that. Therefore, through the medium of virtual classroom and audio-visuals & multimedia, the learners can have face-to-face interaction with the instructor.
There are many mediums through which the learning material is delivered to the organizations. At present, one of the most popular mediums using which, the learner accesses the training material is mobile. Seeing its fame in the market, the organizations are developing more and more mobile-based training modules. One can also access the training material from the social networking site, which helps in socializing and learning at the same time. The learner can choose the desired training module from the given set of catalog and share it with others. E learning management system is thus proving to be revolutionary for both big and small organizations.
To save on the training related costs, organizations can outsource their training requirement to an off shoring company. There are some of the things one must inquire about the off shoring firm. The organizations must ensure that the infrastructure of the off shoring company is well developed. Additionally, content security is also an important matter one must consider before outsourcing. The organizations must also check if the outsourcing company has expertise in the upcoming technology. By outsourcing the content to a dedicated off shoring company, the organizations will be able to reduce 20-40 percent of the cost associated with the training process.